Standard microeconomic theory has long recognized firm-level substitution and output effects in explaining aggregate responses to taxation of an input such as nitrogen fertilizer., in the presence of managerial heterogeneity, a nitrogen tax will also affect the composition of the industry, with profligate users of nitrogen shrinking in relative importance, and low-nitrogen users expanding. In this paper, we assert that a substantial share of the reduction in nitrogen normally attributed to firm-level substitution may in fact owe its nike careers origin to this type of industry-wide compositional effect.

We also demonstrate that, while such a tax will have only a minor effect on industry average net returns, its impact on individual corn producers will be quite significant in some cases, with… nitrogen-intensive producers losing while those farmers with low rates of commercial nitrogen usage stand to gain from the tax.This article examines the relation between readers’ implicit models of reading and nike m2k tekno motivation to read. We use the term implicit model to refer to a belief system that affects one’s goals and strategies for reading. We trace the origin and development of our thinking about implicit models. We describe transmission and transaction models, their relation to each other, and how each is related to motivation to read and a variety of reading behaviors, including thematic, critical and personal responses.

We also consider how implicit models are related to motivational variables such as self-efficacy, attributions,niketnsaustralia and goal orientations. We argue that transaction models increase motivation to read by legitimizing the meaning-construction process and by increasing the type and number of deeper… processing strategies such as inferencing, generating hypotheses, and the construction of a holistic interpretation of a text. We conclude with a number of suggestions for future research.


Human workers and industrial robots both have specific strengths within industrial production. they complement each other perfectly, which leads to the development of human-robot interaction (HRI) applications. Bringing humans and robots together in the same workspace may lead to potential collisions. The avoidance of such is a central safety requirement. It can be realized with sundry sensor systems, all of them decelerating the robot when the distance to the human decreases alarmingly and applying the emergency stop, when nike chadstone the distance becomes too small. As a consequence, the efficiency of the overall systems suffers, because the robot has high idle times.

Optimized path planning algorithms have to be developed to avoid that. The following study investigates human motion… behavior in the proximity of an industrial robot. Three different kinds of encounters between the two entities under three robot speed levels are prompted. A motion tracking system is nike mk2 tekno used to capture the motions. Results show, that humans keep an average distance of about 0,5m to the robot, when the encounter occurs. Approximation of the workbenches is influenced by the robot in ten of 15 cases. Furthermore, an increase of participants’ walking velocity with higher robot velocities is observed.

The kinetics of low-frequency rotational-vibrational excitations of globular macromolecules is studied. The macromolecule is modelled by a viscous liquid-like deformable body with the thermal motion being generated by the stochastic motion of its surface.nikeairmax90australia The collective excitations are treated in terms of dynamic variables describing the deviations of the macromolecule shape from its equilibrium spherical form. Thermal fluctuations of the variables are described using the kinetic Einstein-Smoluchowski equation.


Despite recognition that mental health treatment is paramount in successfully intervening on the behalf of prostituted women, minimal information exists delineating effective counseling techniques for working with this unique population. Importantly also, understanding the culture of street-level prostitution is essential for effective treatment. Women prostituted on the streets have typically experienced life-long patterns of victimization, often resulting in substance addiction and continued self-destructive behavior.

The culture of nike creed street-level sex work is built on numerous psychological and sociological factors which permeate the thinking patterns, social interaction, and daily activities of prostituted women. Professional counselors are ill equipped, academically and experientially,… in addressing the diverse needs of the female street-level prostitute. A theoretical integration of transactional analysis and psycho-social concepts for a prostituted woman is provided in a case report to promote nike cortez white a more effective approach to therapy for this population. Counselors and prostituted clients will benefit from this blended therapeutic model.

Image management and image perceptions lie at the core of media-induced tourism. nikeairmaxzeroaustralia The aim of this study is to determine the role of digital images on consumer choices within nature-based tourism (NBT) in East Java, Indonesia. It analyzed the mix of digital communication sources that are relevant and… important in destination image formation, determined the motives of traveling to an NBT destination, and examined, among others, the changes in expected NBT destination attributes prior to and after exposure to a set of digital induced-images.


Acquisition of knowledge of the nature and DNA content of B chromosomes has been triggered by a collection of molecular techniques, one of which, microdissection, has provided interesting results in a number of B chromosome systems. Here we provide the first data on the molecular composition of B chromosomes in Locusta migratoria , after microdissection of the B and X chromosomes, DNA amplification by one (B) or two (X) different methods, and chromosome painting.

The results showed that B chromosomes nike creed share at least two types of repetitive DNA sequences with the A chromosomes, suggesting that Bs in this species most likely arose intraspecifically. One of these repetitive DNAs is located on the heterochromatic distal half of the B chromosome and in the pericentromeric regions of about half… of the A chromosomes, including the X. The other type of repetitive DNA is located interspersedly over the non-centromeric euchromatic regions of all A chromosomes and in an interstitial part of the proximal euchromatic half of the B chromosome. Chromosome painting, nike basketball however, did not provide results sufficiently reliable to determine, in this species, which A chromosome gave rise to the B; this might be done by detailed analysis of the microdissected DNA sequences.

Digital media as an information resource and communication platform for tourists has significantly grown.nikehuaracheblackaustralia Other than facilitating mobility and interactivity, digital media has likewise been instrumental in making convergence a reality. Convergence in media can be readily observed in tourism websites. The design of tourism websites are able to provide a virtual experience for tourists about a destination, and are able to influence the formation of a tourism destination image in their minds.


Today, the aerospace industry faces the challenge of realising ever more sophisticated avionic systems whilst coming under simultaneous pressure to reduce costs.cheapnikeshoxaustralia Advances in electronics technology such as higher levels of integration have helped to achieve greater functionality at reasonable cost but more radical measures will be necessary to achieve significant reductions in the future. This paper looks at two examples of where the application of technology used in the automotive industry could be applied to aerospace products and realise useful cost reductions.

Low cost, rugged plastic encapsulated microcircuits have long been used in the harsh automotive environment and recent investigations indicate that they may be suitable for use in even extreme aerospace environments such as… engine controls. The cost of data transmission between the numerous digital systems on civil and military aircraft, using standards such as ARINC and MIL-STD-1553B is another significant cost driver. The automotive controller area network (CAN) is a low cost, yet capable bus that is becoming widely used in vehicle electronics, It has already been developed for general aviation (light) aircraft application and could realise great cost benefits if more widely applied.

Two spray parameters were varied; powder size distribution and flame power. They were found to greatly affect the… coating microstructure. Increasing powder size and decreasing flame power increase the amount of Ti 2 AlC, but produces thinner coatings with lower cohesion. Larger powder size nike boots nike creed will also decrease oxygen incorporation.


Abstract:Threshold is a limit and marginal point when a qualitative change takes place. Since threshold principle was firstly used in landform research by S.A.Schumm in the 1970s, the quantitative research on watershed landform development stage has come true. Davis proposed a three-stage model on landform evolution: young, mature and old stages. Thereafter Strahler quantified this model by hypsometric analysis method. The authors thought that the material movement stage cannot be expressed by hypsometric method in watershed landform at development stage, because of the uncertainty on stage delimitation.

To meet this shortcoming, this paper presents an integral erosion value method. A clear delimitation on landform development stage in the Loess Plateau region has been tested… by this method. The result shows that gullied loessial hilly area is at the mature stage, and gullied loessial tableland area is at the young nike metcon stage. It is estimated that from the point of erosion related sediment yield, natural erosion accounts for 70% of the total erosion amount, and artificial accelerating erosion is 30%. Therefore soil and water conservation is very crucial for the Loess Plateau.

The microstructure formation and phase transformations in Ti 2 AlC-rich coatings deposited by High Velocity Oxy-fuel spraying of Maxthal 211 ® powders is presented. High resolution electron microscopy analysis, using both scanning and transmission electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectrometry and energy filtering, nike bottle combined with X-ray diffraction reveals that the coatings consist of Ti 2 AlC grains surrounded by regions of very small TiC grains embedded in Ti x Al y . nikeblazeraustralia The composition of the Ti x Al y depends on its surrounding and varies with size and distribution of the adjacent TiC grains. Impact of spray parameters on coating microstructure is also discussed.


This article is an initial analysis of new and re-emerging expressions of identity among ethnic Chinese in Indonesia’s contemporary public domain. As long ago as Dutch colonial times in Indonesia, the ethnic Chinese have frequently been the scapegoats for violence, especially during times of political uncertainty and economic hardship. Under President Suharto’s rule the identity of the Chinese was politically contested further as Suharto manipulated local understandings nike blazer low of the Chinese in the economic and political spheres. However, since the 1998 riots and the downfall of President Suharto, things have begun to change, and ethnic Chinese are speaking out.

Alternative discourses of identity have surfaced through a multitude of different avenues. These have included the actions of a range… of political parties, some based on ethnicity, and others more broad-based; non-political organisations including those fighting discrimination and others examining Chinese socio-cultural needs; literature; and the print and television media. It is now, through such means, that new and re-emerging ethnic Chinese identities, some suppressed for more than thirty years, are becoming apparent.

Abstract:10.1002/1521-3951(200203)230:13.3.CO;2-Q,Dan McCammon is Professor for Space Physics in the Astrophysics group at the University of Wisconsin‐Madison, where he is working on the development of microcalorimeters as detectors for astronomical X‐ray spectroscopy. The paper [1], performed in a collaboration with NASA and featured as Editor’s Choice in this issue of phys. stat. sol. (b), characterizes hopping‐related effects in semiconductor thermometers used with these detectors, operating at temperatures near 50 mK. The cover picture depicts a simple hot electron model, similarly to well‐established effects in metals, which can explain the observed electrical nonlinearities and power‐law behavior of the thermal conductivity in doped Si and Ge thermistors.nikecortezaustralia The paper is… an invited presentation and part of the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Hopping nike cap and Related Phenomena (HRP‐9) which took place in Shefayim, Israel, September 3–6, 2001.


Kangri cancer found only in Kashmir (north India) is a unique thermally induced squamous cell carcinoma of the skin that develops because of chronic and persistent irritation due to the use of a kangri (a brazier) by the Kashmiri people to combat the chilling cold temperature during winter. Being unique to this region, the molecular etiology of the invasive kangri cancer is not known fully. The TP53 gene, codon 72 polymorphism (Arg72Pro), has been found to be associated with cancer susceptibility but nike bottle has not been investigated in kangri cancer risk. A case control study was conducted to find the genotype distribution of TP53 Arg72Pro SNP and to elucidate the possible role of this SNP as risk factor in kangri cancer development. Using the polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment… length polymorphism approach, we tested the genotype distribution of 106 kangri cancer patients in comparison with 200 cancer-free controls from the same geographical region. A significant difference was observed between the control and kangri cancer patients with odds ratio = 2.02 and 95% confidence interval = 1.2–3.3 ( p = 0.01).

Dongjing reservoir with storage capacity of 955 million m 3 and 150 m dam height had been set up in Guizhou province, southeastern China on May in 2005. After filling with water in August 20, 2009, the reservoir-induced earthquake in 20 km took place first in September 2009 at the 440 m water level. When the water level changes, the number of earthquakes is increased rapidly. On January 17, 2010, the largest M 4.4 earthquake with depth of 7 km has happen and month frequency achieved 21 events at the highest water level. M 4.4 earthquake nike air force 1 caused rock collapse with the disaster of killed six people and nine injure.

After our investigation and study, the reason of higher epicentral intensity of earthquake was the surface effect of near-field elastic wave transmission. The disaster of rock… falls certainly depended on the very very shallow earthquake, the height of valley and fault. nikecortezultraaustralia Comparing as same magnitude of natural earthquake, very shallow earthquake increased 1–2° of epicentral intensity I 0 , more than twice amplitude of S-wave at 200 m height of valley and the largest displacement on fault. The superposition of three factors has increased the epicentral intensity of earthquake and directly caused rock collapse with the disaster of killed six people and nine injure.